Our horses / Freddie


  • Poney: Freddie
  • Size: 139 cm
  • Colour: Chestnut
  • Breed: Poney
  • Date of birth: 1987
  • Date of arrival at Poney Club of Cessy: 1991

Freddie came from a near by field, where he lived with a few carthorses. We never quite knew at the time why they wanted to sell him, but he looked young, strong and nice, so we bought him for the riding school. He got to work, but quite soon became quite difficult to ride. He would canter along; suddenly put his nose down to the ground and stop, including a little buck if his rider hadn’t yet been deposited on the ground! At first we decided this was a training issue, but by the time Freddie had been responsible for 2 broken arms, we realized he was simply trying to tell us something. After a vet inspection, Freddie was diagnosed with navicular, a painful disease affecting the bones in the hooves. Freddie had to be retired very young. So as not to live in pain out in the field, with the help of one of our generous clients at the time, he underwent an operation which consisted of cutting the nerves to the hooves. It’s not ideal, but for Freddie it saved him. No longer in pain, he can live happily. Today, the nerves have begun to grow back. Although he sometimes hobbles around a bit and needs keeping an eye on, Freddie is doing ok.

What's special?
Freddie has the most beautiful long bushy tail! Lyn never wanted anyone to cut it as it looked so nice and went right down to the floor!


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