Membership 2023

Dear Friends of Retired Horses,

You have been many generous supporters of the Association since 2016!

Thanks to your support, Saxo, Catrie, Champion, Tippa, Karachi, Ceraki, Joy, Hercule, Mirka, Kerry, Duke, Freddie, Apache, Mystere, Dafné, Choco, Looping, Amandine, Jamaique, Star, Braendy, Fuego, Furioso, Belle, Troïka, Melody, Kosmos, Da Luna, Bouba, Ginger, Rufus, French, Grenadine, Chloé, Harvest, Silly Girl, Figaro, Bertie, Anky and Nutz , were able to benefit from continued care in the form of veterinary services, feeding, and shoeing and trimming of hooves.

As you may know, the Association has assumed full management of the cafe and pony walks during the competitions organized at Belle Ferme.
Several Members, in addition to their membership fees, have offered different services such as the clipping of horses and have participated actively in special events such as the gala marking the 20th anniversary of Belle Ferme, all with a view to helping to raise additional funds for the Association.

We cannot thank you enough for your contributions - the first among them being the membership itself!

If you would like to join us or to renew your membership for 2023, you are able to do this directly on this page by clicking on "Become Member" (via PayPal), send us a check in the mail (fill in this form) , or leave your membership fee along with your name at the Belle Ferme office (don't forget to give us your email address).

3 Memberships


30 € per year

  • this sum represents
  • one trimming of hooves for a retired horse
  • each horse needs two trimmings per year, at times more

Active Membre

150 € per year

  • this sum represents
  • one visit from the veterinarian


300 € par an

  • this sum represents
  • 6 months of feed
  • for one horse

You can always donate a free amount by clicking on the button below:

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