Our horses / Braendy du Bel Air CH


  • Poney: Braendy du Bel Air CH
  • Size: 140 cm
  • Colour: Bay
  • Breed: Pony
  • Date of birth: 1992
  • Date of arrival at SE Belle Ferme: 2010

Braendy was given to us when considered no longer good or young enough to earn her living in a nearby pony club in Switzerland. She had been on loan there, and the owner didn’t know what to do with her. We agreed to take her on, as she was reliable, safe and kind, even if she was not about to set out on a new competition career. Braendy proved to be a super character, both with children and with other ponies.

What's special?
What she may have appreciated most when she moved to Belle Ferme was to be able to live out in the field with a herd of ponies. Like many, in her previous life she had been kept inside to ensure that she stayed clean and shiny. This is what we humans like, but for a horse, to be able to live in a field like they would in nature, this is the life they would choose! Braendy took to her new “pony” life extremely well!


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