Our horses / Catrie des Molasses


  • Poney: Catrie des Molasses
  • Size: 160 cm
  • Colour: Dark Bay
  • Breed: Selle français
  • Date of birth: 1990
  • Date of arrival at Pony Club of Cessy: 1993

Catrie was born in Grilly at Ferme des Molasse. She was bought as a 3 year old by our groom at the time, Christophe. Ridden and competed by Christophe, she then stayed on with us when he left. Catrie became the most lovely, safe, gentle riding school horse anyone could dream of. She was perfect for a very first lesson, as she would take care of nervous riders who needed to get their confidence back. She was always in the prize giving at competitions.

What’s special?
Catrie has always lived out in the field, and is very much a mare in her herd of friends. On the rare occasions when she needed to be kept in for injuries or such, she has been known to escape from her box, gallop out to her field and jump the fence to get back to her friends!


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