Our horses / Ginger


  • Poney: Ginger
  • Size: 129 cm
  • Colour: Chestnut
  • Breed: Pony Origin Unknown
  • Date of birth: 1995
  • Date of arrival at SE de Belle Ferme: 1996

Ginger was bought at a horse sale in France. Having never been to this type of sale before, it was quite a sight to see horses, ponies and donkeys tied up along the street everywhere and anywhere, or sometimes in pens, resembling a cattle market. We had no intention of buying, but by the end of the day, seeing the horses, which hadn’t been sold being tagged with spray paint, Lyn called Angela and asked her to come with the trailer and pick up two of them. One was Ginger, and the other was Holguin, a thoroughbred. We never knew for sure what the paint tags meant, but we did feel we saved them from an unhappy ending.

What's special?
Ginger wasn’t the easiest pony, and perhaps for those who know her story and knew where she came from, we forgave her for not always being perfect. She was actually very special in as much as she chose her riders, they didn’t choose her. When she felt a real love and good feeling with her rider, whatever the level, she would do anything for them. If this wasn’t the case, she made it clear she didn’t think much of them either!


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