Our horses / Mystere III


  • Poney: Mystere III
  • Size: 145 cm
  • Colour: Gray
  • Breed: Connemara x Haflinger
  • Date of birth: 1983
  • Date of arrival at Poney Club of Cessy: 1987

Mystere was bought at the age of 1 from Sergy. Her name was Sultane, but we knew so many with the same name that we renamed her. She grew up in our fields and in the Jura pastures during the summer time. Mystere was easy to train, and was a very willing pony, with an ideal character. She has always been quite a boss among the herd in the field, and would happily adopt new ones and look after them, particularly Harvest, when he came as a foal. She won many competitions, be it jumping, dressage, pony games or cross country. She would go out on rides, and would take great care of beginners. Mystere was adopted when she first retired, by the Barmes family, who have helped with her for many years!

What's special?
At the age of 3, when she was in the Jura, Mystere had an accident (we imagine she fell on a steep part of the hill side) and damaged a nerve in her neck. She could no longer put her head down. We drove her home, kept her in a stable and got our vet to look at her. He was very pessimistic, and couldn’t imagine that she would recover completely. We didn’t give up so easily though, and did all we could to help her. All her food and water had to be lifted to the height of her mouth, and cream rubbed into her neck twice a day. Little by little she could reach a bit further, and finally gained full recovery. This incident never caused any signs of trouble again!


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