Our Horses / Saxo - Black Magic


  • Poney: Black Magic
  • Size: 81 cm
  • Colour: Black
  • Breed: Shetland
  • Date of Birth: Unknown, presumed 1981
  • Date of arrival at Sports Equestres Belle Ferme: 1997

Black Magic, whom we affectionately call “Saxo”, was actually bought because we had an idea to set up a Shetland Pony Games team! As we were out buying a bigger pony (Mirka) and there were lots of Shetlands around, we decided to choose a couple to take home with us. Saxo was a very handsome black Shetland with a huge mane and forelock falling over his face. He was quite sociable, and came right up to us in the field. I think it was the moment I gave him a rub on his face under his forelock that I felt his strangely shaped head and decided he had to come home with us. His short legs and big tummy just made him look a perfect happy little chap, which he really always has been!

What’s special?
For many years we avoided having Shetland ponies, due to the fact that they are often treated more like toys than ponies because of their small size. Justifiably, this can make them cross and angry and they quickly learn to misbehave, which in turn makes them, in this case, unsuitable for small children. Saxo proved me wrong. When cared for with respect and trained correctly, Shetland ponies can be the perfect small children’s ponies. Thank you to Saxo for showing us this. Saxo also learnt to pull a carriage, and was several times on the podium at the French Championships! Saxo is, of course, the mascot of the Association Saxo Belle Ferme.



Saxo et Clarissa
Saxo et Rachel
Saxo sous la neige
Saxo et son association

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